Community Events


Oakdale Chocolate Festival on May 17 & 18th. Dr. Bob Armstrong (blue shirt with arms around his Assistants, Naillie & Travis are joined by Dr. John Bystrom of Escalon Chiropractic. Their spinal screenings were very popular with the Oakdale Community as in years past.




Dr Bob Armstrong & Dr. Tim Ressick (Dynamic Chiropractic)

offer Free Spinal Screenings at the May 5-6 Ceres Street Faire

where 30-40,000 local residents came to enjoy the festivities.





The Ceres Street Faire where Dr. Bob works with a future client.




Christina & Kylie, Dr. Bob's wife and daughter dropped by at the Faire too.




The Annual Home & Garden Show In March (below) was well attended

and Dr. Bob provided Free Posture photos, Spinal Screenings and education.





Dr. Bob & Chiropractic Asst. Vanessa at Booth 103 at Modesto's

Center Plaza for the Annual Home & Garden Show, March 2-4, 2007.

Well attended, Dr. Bob offered Computerized Posture Photos to attendees.